What we do 

Our Grantmaking Guidelines

We believe in a collaborative approach to grantmaking, with a focus on dialogue, relationship-building and transparency.

Our Projects

Happy Roots has two grant streams: Impact Grants and Partnership Projects. 
All of our grantmaking decisions are guided by our Grantmaking Guidelines.

2021 Impact Grants

Our Impact Grants are meant to ‘boost’ organizational capacity for charities in Ottawa and Lanark County. Happy Roots wants to invest in YOU so you can invest in your work and community members.

Do you need new technology or hardware? Digital and social media rebrand? Legal review of your policies and procedures? Leadership training? You tell us!

We will be granting five, single-year, one-time grants of $15,000 to charitable organizations who generally align with our mission and vision.

Applications for the 2021 Impact Grants are now closed.

Partnership Projects

We are working to develop a small number of multi-year Partnership Projects, to make a meaningful and long term contribution to early childhood mental health in Ottawa. We will be thrilled to announce these projects in this space when they are ready to launch.

Although we are not accepting requests for grants at this time, we are always happy to hear from potential partners and make new friends. If your organization’s work is in line with our Mission, Core Values, and Grantmaking Guidelines, please reach out to say hello and tell us about your work in the area.


COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 touched us all in ways big and small, including kids. To help support the work of hardworking organizations in our community serving children and parents, Happy Roots made 20 donations of $10,000 each in the areas of food security, safe homes and mental health supports.

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